The Roy & Diana Vagelos Program in the Molecular Life Sciences (Vagelos MLS)


The Roy & Diana Vagelos Program in the Molecular Life Sciences (Vagelos MLS) is for motivated, talented students who intend to pursue careers in the basic and/or applied natural sciences. Graduates of the program have continued on to advanced study in a wide variety of disciplines, including biology, genetics, computational biology, chemistry, nanoscience, astronomy, and physics. Scientists at the cutting edge of molecular research or molecular medicine have emerged from this program.

The program emphasizes developing fundamental knowledge in mathematics, chemistry, and physics in the first two undergraduate years. Vagelos MLS Scholars pursue mentored research with research groups on or near the University of Pennsylvania campus. To facilitate sustained commitment to the research effort, Vagelos MLS Scholars carry out stipend-supported research during the summers after the second and third years. Students learn the fundamentals of research at the scientific frontier.  In years three and four, students explore specific interests, complete requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, and continue with the research effort. Students are positioned to thrive in the best graduate and biomedical programs upon completing the Vagelos MLS Program.